Oakland County's #SupporterOwned Soccer Club

2021 Tickets


In accordance with the latest health and safety guidance, please be aware of season expectations upon purchasing a season ticket:

*Proper and safe social distancing will be enforced upon choosing your seat for the match. The seat you choose at the beginning of the match will be your assigned seat for the duration of the event.
*There will be only one specific entrance gate and two specific exit gates. You are encouraged to arrive to the match at least 30 minutes early to avoid wait times. Safe exit instructions will be shared over the PA in the final minutes of the match.


Witness top soccer talent scouted from around the region all while enjoying the game’s festivities! 


A variety of affordable food options including your favorite hot dogs, nachos, candy, popcorn and more!


Great family fun with a variety of activities for when their energy levels exceed those of the average fan in the stands!


“We enjoyed the family atmosphere, the excellent soccer, and the fact that the kids could go talk to, and get autographs from, the players at the end of match.”

– Mena Family

“I love having OCFC in the neighborhood! The thought of walking down to watch a soccer game in our neighborhood, in a family friendly environment, is wonderful. My kids ask when the next home game is, love meeting the players after the game, and of course the face painting is a bonus!”

– Brandi Zielinski

“I’m grateful for the energy and level of involvement that OCFC has brought to our community. My whole family enjoys attending the games and cheering for purple!”

– Matt Ulbrich