Oakland County's #SupporterOwned Soccer Club

OCFC Supporters’ Trust

On March 1, 2018, Oakland County Soccer Group LLC launched an initiative that would revolutionize the sport of soccer within the state of Michigan and around the nation. With the creation of the Oakland County FC Trust, club supporters will have the ability to purchase an equity share within the Trust, which will grant them an ownership stake in the club. The opportunity to become an Owner ended on April 1, 2019.

This is YOUR voice. This is OUR future.


WHY should I be a Trust Member? – Oakland County FC – Medium

As you may or may not know by now, being a Trust Member gives you tangible ownership in the club, which comes along with possible financial benefits as well as the novelty of ownership in a business. Along with other small initial perks, this may seem like a small victory in your life.


In-State Owner

Out-of-State Owner

2019 Kit and Member Scarf Voting



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frequently asked questions

Who is Oakland County FC?

Oakland County Football Club is a men’s semi-professional soccer team based in Oakland County, Michigan. The club plays its matches at Clawson Stadium, located in Clawson City Park.  Entering our fourth year in existence, we boasted a modest club average attendance record of 476 fans/match in 2018. We strive on providing our fans with a gameday experience unlike any other that caters to every audience, both youth and adult.

What is a Supporters’ Trust?

A Supporters’ Trust is an independent organization that is in place to give fans a voice in the running and operations of the club. A quarterly Member Form is in place that allows each Member to openly communicate with all OCFC owners.

Who is eligible to become a Member?

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Member of the Trust is eligible. You do not need to be a Michigan resident or United States citizen to join.

Soccer knows no gender, race, religion, sex or age.

How does the Trust operate?

The Trust operates as openly and freely as you might imagine. Each quarter, Trust Members and OCFC management will sit down with one another in an Open Forum to address the operation of the club. Here, each Member will have a voice and will be able to directly communicate to others who have invested in the club.

Where does my investment go?

The finances raised through the OCFC Supporters’ Trust will help aid in the coverage of the club expenses and provide a sustainable future for the club moving forward.

What happens if the team is sold?

If the club is sold to a third party, both Oakland Soccer Group LLC and the OCFC Supporters’ Trust will receive the proceeds based on the percentage of equity they hold at the time. Currently, Memberships are non-transferable.

How many shares can I purchase and what % is a share worth?

We are currently limiting shares to one per individual to ensure the most involvement possible. Only 400 Members will make up the Trust and the deadline to join this year is April 1, 2019. If you would like to purchase one for someone else, please give that instruction upon checkout along with that individual’s information.

Each share is worth .00025% of club ownership.

.00025% x 400 shares = 10% Ownership


Do I have to join again next year?

No. Becoming a Member of the Supporters’ Trust includes a one-time investment fee and there are NO yearly dues. Once you are in, you are in forever.

What are my benefits?

By joining, you automatically become a club owner through the OCFC Supporters’ Trust.

Each Trust Member will be able to sit in on quarterly Member Forums with OCFC Ownership to discuss the direction of the club and voice issues, opinions, and ideas. Additionally, Members will vote on club related items such as the team kit, Member scarf, and gameday amenities, and will eventually have the opportunity to sell their share if so inclined.

2019 perks include:

* Exclusive Metal Member Card

* Stock Certificate

* 2019 Season Ticket (Out-of-State Season Tickets donated to patron of community)

* Exclusive 2019 Member scarf

* 4 Guest Tickets to 2019 Home Opener (In-State only)

* 10% off of club apparel purchases

* Access to Kit Reveal Event

What are my responsibilities?

As a Member of the Trust, Members are encouraged to raise awareness for the club in whatever facet they deem necessary. To aid in the growth of the club, fan support and brand recognition are the two most valuable items that a Trust Member can share.

Technically, what is my title?

You will go by a multitude of names, all of which have the same important meaning:

Member; Investor; Owner; Shareholder.

How else can I help?

We are always looking for help from any volunteers who are willing to make a difference in the growth of your club. Have an idea you would like to propose? Our door is ALWAYS open.

Donations are also kindly accepted and appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering, donating, or simply have an idea, please contact us at (248) 629-0251 or info@oaklandcountyfc.com

Do I have to pay taxes?

Nope. Oakland Soccer Group LLC covers the yearly takes for the Trust.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes and no. Your one-time membership dues are not deductible because you receive something in return (list of perks). Any deductions above and beyond that amount are tax-deductible contributions.

This is YOUR voice. This is OUR future.